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We currently only offer two vacancies for Apprenticeships each year usually one to start in September and one in January. The duration of our Apprenticeship is 12-18 months. We are always on the lookout for the next Apprentice!

Days & Hours: 5 Day week: 8 am Mondays – Fridays 7.30 am on a Saturday. Usual finish time is 5 pm, sometimes earlier if no lessons and all work completed, one late finish mid-week on a rota.

Training towards BTEC or City & Guilds Work Based Diploma Level 2 or 3 depending on age, prior experience and qualifications. The Diploma training will be partially “on-the-job” training.  You will be visited every 4 weeks by a Trainer/Assessor from Haddon Training, or other Training Agency, who will assist us in guiding you through the syllabus. There is a fair amount of Course Work to be completed by the Apprentice. The new government set rules for Apprentices ensure that learners receive 20% off-the- job training towards their qualification. At Coldblow we have a great lecture room to contribute towards this 20%.  


Eligibility: we always have far more applicants than vacancies. As an Employer we have to pay fees to the Training Agency so Coldblow applicants must demonstrate prior equestrian industry work experience of at least 3 months and we will need to talk to your previous employer. You will also need qualifications such as: Work Based Diploma Level One; BHS
Stage/Level One; Pony Club Test Level C+. Applicants should also have achieved a good level of GCSE passes including English, Maths and a Science subject. We especially welcome post A Level applicants.

Pay for a 5-day week: National Apprenticeship Wage our Apprentices receive an average weekly wage of approx. £100-£125 depending on hours worked. Lunch/tea breaks and any private or assisted study time for portfolio is not paid. Pay is at the end of the month via Payroll.

BHS Training: The Apprenticeship criteria is not the same as BHS criteria, but it certainly compliments and widens equestrian knowledge. An Apprentice will receive one Ride group session and one Care session, free of charge. You will need to pay for/join other BHS syllabus specific training sessions here if you wish to gain these additional qualifications.

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