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Career Training


Coldblow Equestrian Training Centre trains students and staff for a wide array of qualifications.  We have  four options for career training:

1. Fee Paying;
2. Apprenticeship;
3. Traineeship;
4. BHS Qualifications Only Working Student Training

The ‘new’ BHS Equine Excellence Pathway Qualifications

In July 2017 the announced their ‘new’ qualifications. Students now choose a career


  • Professional Groom;

  • Coach in Complete Horsemanship;

  • Professional Rider;

  • Equine Tourism Pathway.


Most of us know the ‘old’ qualifications as BHS Stages/ Levels 1-4 or higher. The new qualifications are similar but with some important changes. The old Riding & Road Safety Test which used to be taken before Stage 2 is now renamed Ride Safe and should be taken before Stage 1. The Preliminary Teaching Test leading to BHSPI & AI has been replaced by two new qualifications: Level 2 and 3 Coach. The Level 2 Coach will be the first rung on the ladder to becoming an Instructor.

BHS training is usually offered here at Coldblow in blocks of two hours: ride + care sessions.  If you take up options 2, 3 or 4, you will not be paid during the BHS training sessions.  Each 2-hour session is worth/charged at £45 to an external fee-paying client. We will give you some separate info about the new BHS levels and exam fees but you can find a lot about this newly announced initiative here.

If you have already achieved one or more of the ‘old’ qualifications you can easily transfer
across to the ‘new’ Pathway at an appropriate level.

Most Training is delivered by Clara Hubbard (Née Pilkington) BHSII. Clara is a full
Intermediate Instructor – now known as an Accredited Level 4 Coach, or Clare Wragg BHSPI (Level 2 Coach) & NVQ Assessor. We also run regular day clinics or workshops with higher level BHS Coaches & Examiners.

The Training Sessions usually take the form of combined Ride & Care lectures both practical & classroom based. Tuition fees will be Invoiced monthly in advance and after the initial month can be deducted from your pay at the end of the month or paid for by a parent.

This option will allow you to progress through and log your training towards the new BHS Equine Excellence Pathway qualifications at a pace you are comfortable with and we won’t hold you back if you are well motivated! Please ask for more information on this option.

Do come and meet us and the horses and have a chat about your options.  Please bring a parent or friend with you to ask questions too!

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